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Here at Quilting Celebrations magazine, the whole crew works tirelessly to make certain that the projects and instructions we publish are 100 percent accurate. Every so often, however, mistakes sneak past our eagle-eyed editors. When that happens, we'll let you know on this page. 




Quilting Celebrations - Winter 2014

Stars & Ribbons Table Runner

There was an error in one of the cutting instructions for this project. Here is the corrected text:

From cream print, cut:
• 1 (3 7/8"-wide) strip. From strip, cut 4 (3 7/8") squares. Cut squares in half diagonally to make 8 half-square A triangles. 


Quilting Celebrations - Winter 2014

Several patterns for projects in this issue were omitted from the printed magazine:

  • Good St. Nick Hot Pads
  • Tree Trimming Trio
  • Holiday On Ice
  • Christmas Lovebirds

Download all the missing patterns here.


Quilting Celebrations - Winter 2014

White Christmas Mini Mats pages 12–18

  • The snowflake pattern on page 18 was incorrect in the printed magazine. You can download the corrected pattern here.
Quilting Celebrations - Fall 2014

Beggars Night, page 54

Additional fabric needed:
1/4 yard green print for sashing and inner border


Quilting Celebrations - Fall 2013

Whimsical Welcome

  • Please find Patrick corrections here.
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